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Information on how to bowl better is what all bowlers crave more than anything, and this site has it (and plenty of it)! Use it, give it away, recommend the site to your friends! Anybody that bowls (or is just starting) can get good bowling tips & information from this site. My intention is to help the good bowlers and the not so good ones, so if you have any comments about the bowling information on this site or lack thereof, please feel free to contact us and let us know what you would like to see (please only with respect to bowling).
This site is all about bowling, and more importantly you, the bowler. Join the Bowling Tips & Tricks Ezine for monthly tips and tricks to help you bowl better. Everything about this site is built around helping you with your bowling. If you average 200, or you are just beginning and don't even know what a bowling league is, this site is for you. I hope that you find this site helpful and that it encourages you to keep bowling and having fun!

If you are looking for bowling accessories (bowling balls, bowling bags, etc...), see the Free Bowling Information Links page. There are some vendors (vendors go to the Free Bowling Information Vendors page, for link sharing information) that you can go to and some bowling books that you can purchase to improve your scores. My goal is to help bowlers at any age and skill level to compete at a higher level. I hope to address someone new to bowling as well as an accomplished bowler with the information on the Free Bowling Information Articles page. I hope to help you improve your average, understand the USBC (US Bowling Congress) rules, learn more about bowling in a league, and most importantly have fun with this sport.
I have been bowling for almost 20 years and currently carry a 210 book average and have thrown several 300 games, but don't let the fact that I am a good bowler now distract you (I have been working at this for 20 years!). I have worked with several people helping them to improve their bowling averages from as little as 85 to 130, and as much as 126 to 190. I am a certified level I bowling coach, so I have the information on how to teach new bowlers as well as experienced ones. I love to see my students succeed in their goals of bowling better.
I have brought my kids up in bowling alleys and worked with them and my son carries ~160 average (even though he only goes bowling a couple of times a year) and my daughter ~130 (she bowls even less). The important thing about this is that they both still like bowling. My son would be in a bowling league if he could, but he has other issues that prevent that from happening.
I have trained bowlers for the last 20 years and several have been able to beat me on a given night. I worked with my wife and brought her from a 125 average to almost a 190 (she has even shot 279 (11 out of 12 strikes in one game))! All of this is not to toot my own horn, but to give you some idea of who it is that is writing this information and that I do have the bowling tips and tricks that you are looking for.
I hope that you find this bowling site useful in your endeavor to improve (or just have more fun with!) your bowling. This site is a "work in progress", so please let me know if there is something missing or wrong on it and I will try to correct it. Please send us an email about the site (use "Contact Us" link at bottom of screen) or bowling or any success stories that you have around bowling! I am always interested in hearing how people enjoy bowling!
Keep bowling and having fun!

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