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Consistency is the key to improving your scores in bowling. By consistency I mean consistently throwing the ball the same way every shot, every game. There are variations to this in that on a spare shot you may need to throw the ball a little differently than you do on a strike shot, but you still need to be consistent in your delivery for the spare that you are trying to pick up.

Over the years I have become more consistent in my bowling style primarily by practice. Practice is the key to bowling better in many ways, but mainly it improves your consistency of delivery. By practicing your steps and delivery of the ball, you can learn a lot about what your ball will do in different situations. Practice, practice, and then practice some more to improve the consistency with which you throw your ball.

You can see articles on Bowler's Everything for specific information on how to improve your bowling style. Bowling style is something that you have to develop over time for yourself, but it is critical to develop one to increase the consistency with which you throw the ball. You need a routine for before you step on the approach, one for when you step on the approach and one for the delivery of the ball. All three of these will work in unison to improve your ability to throw the ball the same way each time. Without one of them, it will be difficult to increase your scores because of the inconsistency that you will experience.

Bottom line: Practice, practice, and practice some more. Improve your consistency in your delivery of the ball and you will improve your scores. Consistency is the key to the game (and higher scores!), so work on it whenever you can. Platinum Author

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