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Are you just beginning to bowl?

Are you an experienced bowler?

Are you looking for more information on how to improve your game?

This book was written just for you!

"The Bowling Book" will help you to learn the game, and once you have, teach you how to get better. It has information for the new bowler as well as the seasoned bowler. With "The Bowling Book" you will never need another book on bowling. This book is packed full of information about bowling from what the USBC is to how a league works. See the list below for some of the subjects covered:

  • What is the USBC, what do they do?
  • What is a bowling house, what can you find there?
  • What is a Strike, Spare, Split?
  • What is the best equipment for different lane conditions?
  • What is a bowling league?
  • Where do I find tournaments, who do I contact?
  • How do I throw a "good" shot?
  • What do I need to do to cover those darn spares?

You get all of the information that you need about bowling and what to do to get started as well as what to do once you have got the basics (taught in the book) down! This is the most incredible bowling book you will ever see. It will improve your average by at least 10 pins!

The information here has been prepared based on my 20 years of bowling. When I began to bowl, I averaged 119, I booked 210 last year and am averaging over 216 right now! I have learned through the school of hard knocks all that I will teach you in this book. You can get to a higher average much quicker and easier than I did. Just read the book all the way through (about 81 pages).

This book was originally written for the beginning bowler, and later enhanced to include several tips for the higher average bowler. If you want to improve your bowling, either in average, form, or style, this is the book for you. Every bowler should have at least one copy of "The Bowling Book" in their bowling bag and refer to it often while bowling. This book is the most comprehensive look at bowling that you will find!

I almost forgot to mention the best part of the book. Chapter 5 goes through tips & tricks for the beginner, advanced, and experienced bowler. It walks you through the steps that you need to take in order to become an experienced bowler, and takes it one step further and helps you to become a consistent higher average bowler. I am telling you this book is all you will ever need to become a good bowler! Chapter 5 alone is worth more than the price of this book!

The information contained in this book has been obtained over 20 years of struggling through ever facet of the bowling game and several months of additional research to be sure that the information contained within is accruate. So the information in this book could be valued at over $100. But even $100 is way too high to charge with other books out there going for as little as $20. So, in order to not price myself out of the market, I decided a reasonable price would be $19.95. So the retail price for this book is $19.95, however, since this book has just been released and I am so excited about getting one into every bowler's bag, I have discounted the price by more than 25%. That's right, you can get your copy of "The Bowling Book" for $19.95 $14.95, just click here.

If you are thinking that price is too much, then think about your bowling game and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it going to get better if you continue doing what you are doing?
  • Are you in the process of improving your game based on the knowledge of someone who has already done it?
  • Is the person that you are learning from where you want to be?
  • Are you learning from someone who has raised their average by almost a 100 pins?
  • If you don't do anything, will your average increase by 10 - 20 pins in the next couple of weeks?

If you can answer "Yes" to the questions above, then this book is probably not for you, however, if you have to answer "No" to even one of those questions, let me ask you a few more:
  • Would you be happier with your bowling if you were averaging 10 - 20 pins higher?
  • What is your price for success at bowling?
  • Is it worth the three lunches out to be able to answer "Yes!" to all of the questions above?

This is no book with a bunch of pictures in it either. This book contains 80 pages of solid information about bowling. No bowler should be without it! If you have this book in your bag then you will always have the information that you need to handle almost any situation that you encounter at the bowling alley. Heck, it even tells you how to find a bowling alley, and what you should expect when you get there!

All right, if you are still reading this far, you are interested in the book, but you are not sure if this book has what you need. If your average does not improve by 10 - 20 pins within 6 weeks of receiving the book and applying the techniques in it, contact me and I will work with you until it does or I will refund the purchase price of the book. How's that for a guarantee? I am so confident in the techniques presented here that I know that you will be able to apply them and improve your average by at least 10 pins in the next 6 weeks. How can you pass up an opportunity like this?

Purchase Your Copy of "The Bowling Book"

"The Bowling Book" contains 80 pages of solid information with very few pictures. This is the bowling book that you have been looking for and need. It is a great teaching book as well as a great refence book! Every bowler should have a copy of "The Bowling Book" in their bowling bag and one at home. Buy one for yourself or as a gift today, and buy one for a friend!

The cost of "The Bowling Book" is $19.95. However I have slashed the price to $14.95 (that's more than 25% off!) for a limited time. The information in this book has been accrued over 20 years of experience in bowling. All of that experience and knowledge (worth over $100) is being given to you for less than $15! You have got to like that!

I will be charging the full $19.95 price for "The Bowling Book" in the future, so be sure to get yours now before I decide that giving a 25% discount is crazy! Just click on the button below and follow the directions to purchase your copy of "The Bowling Book".

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